How to Tell That Publix Digital Coupons are Manufacturer Coupons

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Many of you have asked me about the Publix Digital coupons and how you know if they are manufacturer coupons.  For now, all of them appear to be manufacture coupons but maybe one day they will also be Publix store coupons available.

You’ll need to register on the Publix Website here to have access to these coupons.

Once you’ve done that and have “clipped” the coupons you want added to your account, then click on the “my coupons” tab.  Then you’ll see the list of the coupons you have clipped.

Publix Coupons-2

Column 2 shows the Program or type of coupon and you can also see the expiration date.  Keep in mind you are only allow 1 of these types of coupons.  So if you buy 2 items, it will only take off one.

You also have the option to print the list of coupons you’ve clipped.  Some people may want that as a visual to help them while shopping.  It’s easier to refer to size restrictions etc.


  1. Nika says

    If they are manufacturing coupons does that mean for example if I buy a pantene shampoo and have a $1 off and the e-coupons/digital coupons also has a $1 off one shampoo bottle does that mean I can only use one or the other?

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