How To Extreme Coupon In Florida – Tips In A Real World

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Do you live in Florida and want to start Couponing? You may have noticed some of the couponing “rules” are a little different inFlorida. That doesn’t mean you can’t save money, it just means you need to be a little more savvy about it.

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Here are some tips on how to extreme coupon in florida . The best thing you can do is take a class to help you out.

1) Get Multiple newspaper subscriptions.  I recommend ordering in sets of 2.  That way if there is a BOGO offer (buy 1 get 1 free) you will have 2 coupons to use.  One on the item you purchase and 1 on the free item.  Yes you can use a coupon on the FREE item, in fact you can use 4 on BOGO purchases.  1 MFR coupon & 1 Store coupon on the item you pay for, and 1 MFR coupon & 1 Store coupon on the free item.   And find other ways of Obtaining coupons.

2) Learn your store coupon policies.  Do they allow stacking, double coupons or overages?

  • Stacking – Using 1 manufacturer coupon and 1 store coupon on each item.  (Yes it’s legal!)
  • Double – Will your store double the value of your coupon?  Most stores in Florida DO NOT.  But it never hurts to ask.  Harris Teeter and Fred’s does, as well as some of the smaller chains.
  • Overage – If your coupon is $2 and the item is only $1.50, will your store take the entire value of the coupon off your total?  Essentially giving you .50¢ off another item in your cart.
  • Internet Printable Coupons (IPQ’s) – Does your store allow printable coupon.  Most of them do, unless they’ve had some issues recently with fraudulent coupons.

3)  Create a price shopping cheat sheet.  Sit down and list the top 10-20 items your family uses on a regular basis.  Then write down the sizes and prices of those items in all the stores you shop at.  This way you will know when an item is advertised for a good “stockpiling price”.  Buy when it’s on a store sale, when you have coupons & when you can get a RR (Walgreens Register Rewards) or ECB’s (CVS’s Extra Care Bucks) back.

4) Stockpile – I’m not talking about buying 30-40 shampoos in one trip.  You should be buying enough to last your family till the next good deal comes around.  Rotate your stockpile so you use the oldest purchase first.

5) Get organized. Find a method that works for you.  Whether it’s filing all of your Sunday coupon inserts in the office, clipping every coupon and keeping them in a 3-ring binder or ordering the coupons you need.

6) Track your Savings – You can use my FREE savings worksheet to track how you are doing.  And remember, a dollar a week adds up to $52 a year!  Something is better than nothing.  You may not save 98% like they do on THAT SHOW, but you also don’t need 80 bottles of tums!  Or at least I hope you don’t.

7) Get a Spare email address. You’ll want a free email account separate from your personal or business one so you can sign up for all of the coupon offers and customer loyalty reward programs.

8) Use a Coupon Database to help you search for coupons for items you need that are not on sale.  This will help you save money on those last minute items you need.

Understand that couponing takes time to learn.  You will spend more time in the beginning learning, but the more you do it, the faster you’ll get.  There is NO need to spend 70 hours a week to save money.

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  1. kim says

    Hi, I am new to using coupons. I have in the past used 1 or 2 during a shopping trip but with 2 grown kids that live at home and all their friends who eat, shower, etc I need help with learning to save money. I live in Indialantic, Florida. No store doubles here. Anyone in this area who coupons want to get together and help me learn? Thanks

  2. Joel says

    Hi, I’m new to couponing too… I’d love to meet others so that we can help each other learn how to do this. I’ve been watching the show “Extreme Couponing” and although I don’t think I’ll get to their level (hundreds of $$$ of groceries for pennies) , I sure want to try! Any ‘couponers’ in the area that want to get together, feel free to contact me… jayel2k at the google mail…. 😉

  3. cara says

    I also am new at this couponing stuff, and I agree with the extreme coupon statement, I would love to get a better idea on how this works

  4. Raquel says

    Yea it kinda sucks FL doesn’t double coupons but the best bet really is to use the BOGO’s along with a Store coupon and Manufacture coupon. Publix is the best I’ve found, since they take competitor coupons (competitors are also used as store coupons), and CVS is awesome for the ECB’s, store coupons, and manufacture coupons combined. I’m not extreme yet, but I’m getting better. I go about every week shopping getting whatever I have coupons for that match up with the sales each week. Today I spent $66.68, and saved $107.99 including sales savings and coupons together. I’ve only been doing it for a couple months and pretty much self taught. I just go around online alot and look for things to help me along the way. Still learning (like getting papers in pairs, rather than how i recently bought 5 papers) lol but you live and you learn. It certainly does take time ! But the savings are addicting !! 😀 good luck everyone !

  5. Korey says

    I am in Cape Canaveral and suffer the same fate as most. Our choices are extremely limited to Winn-Dixie and Publix. There’s a Walmart Supercenter in MI and an Aldi, but they use their brand only and rarely have name brand anything. We do have a CVS and Walgreens close by which I never thought of checking for groceries. Its time to start because we are really suffering and the first thing to get cut is food :(

    • Glenace says

      Hi Korey, I live in M.I. and I too shop Publix and Winn Dixie…I also get alot of great deals at Target with their coupons stacked with a mfr. coupon. I try to get body wash and razors at Walmart on also try using Dollar General and Family Dollar on the beach…they are good for shampoo’s and things when Publix doesn’t have the B1G1 sales. Good Luck…

  6. Yeleinys says

    Hello everyone!
    I want to learn to use coupons and save money, I dream on having a stock pile, Unfortunately I have no idea on how to do it. Anyone in Southwest Florida (Port Charlotte,Fl) who wants to get together so I can learn? or anyone who can just explain it to me will work too! Thank you!

    • Jennifer says

      I too live in Port Charlotte. I just started today getting the sunday paper so i can learn how to use coupons to get everything as cheap as possible. Have you learned anything useful yet?

      • Lisa says

        I live in port charlotte,Fl as well and I have just started a couple months ago. I have got a lot of good deals…but would love to learn more! Does anyone know of a couponing class around me? I would love to learn how to get deals on food and household supplies! Any help is appreciated!!

      • Linda says

        Hi i live in Englewood Fl about 15 mins from Port Charlotte. Have you guys found out anymore on couponing?

    • diane says

      I also live in Pt. Charlotte, Florida. and would love to learn and figure. out this new addiction, lol. email. me and we’ll then exchange numbers.

  7. Alicia Pokipala says

    Anyone in Orlando that wants to meet up? I just moved here and I’m living on my own while going to college and trying to find a job. If anyone is in the area I would like to learn:)

    • Alissa says

      I’m in Orlando as well and would LOVE to start couponing, but I have no idea what I’m doing. I’d love to get together with anyone in the Orlando/Kissimmee area for some dumpster diving/coupon clipping/shopping fun. :)

      • Elizabeth says

        Hi Alissa!!! I live in Kissimmee (4 corners area)… I have wanted to get into couponing and dumpster diving for a while! We have so many great options in this area, I just don’t want to go alone! I bet there is soo much freebies out there… I think I am going to try to grab some magazines from barnes and nobles this week, might as well give it a go since I need to get some magazines anyway as I’m having my son, niece, and nephew, make vision boards this weekend! If you’d be interested in joining me and a little more “shopping fun” please respond :)

    • jill says

      hi I live in Altamonte springs I desperately want to learn as well.maybe we can help eachother learn . my name is Jill call 4078796549

      • Octavia says


        I’m also in Altamonte Springs and would like to start couponing. And also start a couponing club in the area. Anyone interested plz reply.

  8. Rick Granberg says

    Hi, I live in Bradenton and shop most of the time at Publix. Since I do the cooking, I do the shopping. My wife and I agreed years ago that whatever I saved in coupons and sale items, half stays in the checking account, and the other half goes in a big piggy bank for our trips to Las Vegas.For me it’s a great motivator. I search the weekly Publix ad every wednesday when it comes out,, and have two different sunday papers deliverd. Some quick tips, make menus a week at a time, using on sale items only. Make up your grocery list as you go.Try not to buy anything without a coupon.Meats are the exception, but buy what’s on sale.Same with fresh produce. Everything else try to stack coupons and look for 10 for $10 deals at Publix, where no matter how many items you buy, they are $1.00 a piece, and you don’t have to buy 10 to get the savings. If you see someone shopping with a coupon binder like I hope you are, stop and ask questions if you have any. They will be more than happy to help anyway they can.They started once to. Finally have fun, set savings goals and get started.

    • Tonya says

      I just moved to Bradenton and we moved here to take care of my farther in law well were finding we cant afford necessities to take care of are daughter who is a diabetic and i couls really use help is there anything you could help me with

      • Karen says

        I’ve had many requests for help and since I can’t bee all over the state, I now have an online coupon class. Check out out!

  9. zelma olivo says

    I wanted to know if someone can help me in doing shopping for food i have very little time and money to go shopping i would like to learn

  10. Ashton says

    I just moved to Palmetto (outside Sarasota) & desperately need to learn to coupon. Anyone in the area know how that would be willing to teach me??

  11. Rita says

    Hello I live in St Augustine would like to find someone that wants to coupon. I have been couponing for about 3 years now and find it more fun when we can team up and get the good deals together. Does not matter if you are new to couponing or not. We can both learn from each other.

    • Cheryl says

      Hey I am new to couponing. I have a big interest for several years now. I have suffered the cutback on my work hours, so money is tight. I need to learn to stretch a buck. I have a desire to help my clients(elderly handicap) as well as food banks with the skill I hope to acquire. Please respond if you would like a tag along. I would love to see what you have picked up in three years.

    • shelly says

      Helllo my name is shelly and I live in st augustine fl I am 24 and have a 3 yr old daughter im very interested in learning how to do couponing I have internet and a computer and stuff could you help me PLZZZZ

      • Karen says

        Hi Shelly, my name is Karen and I live just north of st agustine, I am also 24 and have a 10th month old baby. I really want to get into couponing, I have tried in the past but doing it by my self is kind of boring. I notice you posted this in march, have you bee couponing since then?

    • Jillian says

      Rita, I am Jillian and have started couponing. I live 30 minutes from st.augustine but if ever you need a partner let me know. contact me at bartowjillian at :)

  12. nathalie says

    hey my name is Nathalie and I really want to learn to coupon I live in Tampa and I have a 3,2,and 1 year old and we live off one income which leaves very little money after everything is paid so if you can help me plz learn to coupon

  13. saica says

    Just started to get into couponing live in boynton beach , fl would love to learn to do the stock pile thing being that I have a family of four and theres only one income. So far just using the bogo deals from publix but want to go further need help to understand the process lol

    • Stephie says

      I live near there dollar has great deals we found one that was 2 deodarents for 2.25 and they had a 2.00 off coupon giving you 2 for $0.25 this week march 3 deal in weekly add coupon in coupon section at bottom of page both on there website

      • debbie says

        Hi, I live in Pembroke Pines and was looking for any couponers in this area. Have been couponing for a couple years but would love to learn how to extreme coupon. My stockpile is never very big.

  14. Kayleigh Fee says

    Hi, I just reached my breaking point with bills and realized I could use coupons. I live in Vero Beach, FL and don’t know anyone that uses coupons. Is there anyone near by that would like to help a young mother learn the tricks of couponing? Please. <3

      • Yolanda says

        I would definitely like to learn how to effectively coupon. I’m on a budget with a new family. it has always been just me now I’m married with a 15 yr old stepson. Right now, I know I’m spending way to much so any savings will help. I’m in the Jacksonville Area so if there is anyone in the area who is a coupon whiz and wouldn’t mind showing me the ropes I would appreciate it!!

        • Leah says

          My name is Leah, i also am new to couponing, i live in jacksonville and am looking to find someone to help me get started. I have an almost 1 year old and almost 2 year old and 3 stepkids that are 11, 10, & 6 and we are living on one limited income so i need to start saving ASAP! Let me know if anyone would like to meet up. :)

  15. says

    Hey everyone, I live in Belle Glade, FL (west of West Palm Beach) and I thought you would like to know that at BJs(like Costco) that they let you use a store coupon and a manufactures coupon together there too. With my membership, I get saving back every six months in and I use it to shop there and even help pay my membership. I hope you have one near you.

  16. kaylee says

    i just moved to florida from michigan and want to start getting into couponing. i have a 2 year old and me and my fiance are trying to save up for our wedding living off just his income. moved to ocala area. anyone have any suggestions?

  17. tiffany says

    I’m 23 and I really want to get into couponing. We struggle to get by and I cant seem to do this alone if anyone would like to help me id appreciate it. I’m not talking about spending $20 on $1000 worth of stuff although that would be amazing but to save a good chunk each month on things we use.

  18. says

    Hello! I would love to learn how to save
    Money and use coupons! I truly need
    I live in the Tampa Bay Area and would
    Love to meet people that are learning also!
    Let’s get together !!

      • Salma says

        Ms. Brandy, I would love it, if you would be so kind as to share your couponing experiences. I am interested in learning to coupon, not only for my own benefit; but to help the community, if at all possible. If you would like to share with me, let me know how we could communicate.

  19. maggie says

    Is there anyone in palm coast area I just moved here and decided to start coupon to save money is there any one that can take their time to ok help me please……

  20. amanda says

    hey i am 22 yrs old and i need help learning everything there is to coupon i live in jacksonville and i know noone who is a coupon er and i would love to save money and have my family stocked and not starving at the end of the month where should i start

    • April says

      I moved to jacksonville in June and desperately need to save money on our grocery expense. Have you been able to sav any money Amanda?

  21. Elaine says

    I moved from Michigan where couponing was wonderful. But would like to learn how to coupon in Florida. I like in Lake Worth

  22. Kathy says

    I recently moved from upstate NY to Palm Bay, Fl. I don’t miss the weather, but I sure do miss double couponing! Does anyone know of a store in my area that doubles? Winn Dixie, Publix, and Walmart do not. Thanks :)


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