How To Earn More SwagBucks – Tip #1

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I had the pleasure of meeting some of the guys from Swagbucks at the Savvyblogging Summit this past week.  There was some karaoke involved, not by me, but I’m probably sworn to some kind of secrecy code about what occurred!

In edition to every Friday being Mega Swagbucks Day, which means better odds of winning BIG Swag Bucks denominations – up to 10,000 in one search!  I thought it would be a good idea to start a series on “How To Earn More Swagbucks”, that I’ll run every Friday.

So today is tip #1:

Install the Swagbucks Toolbar

When you visit the Swagbucks website, you’ll see a button at the top that says “toolbar”.  Click that and it will take you to a page where you can download the toolbar.  The Swagbucks toolbar is just like a Yahoo or Google toolbar, and goes at the top of your browser. The toolbar makes it more convenient to search, eliminating your need to visit the Swagbucks website. You will also occasionally get Free Swagbuck Codes via the toolbar! Check the little message icon on the toolbar daily because the Free Codes are usually only good for a few hours.

If you are not already earning, head on over to Swagbucks today and start searching and earning! It’s FREE and you’ll start out with 30 Swagbucks.

Bring on the rewards!

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This post may contain affiliate links.  Click for disclosure policy

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