Homemade Crockpot Apple Butter – Great Christmas Gifts

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Homemade Apple Butter

Homemade crockpot apple butter is one of my new favorite things to make.  This is so easy and yummy, not to mention how it makes your house smell.  My sister just made some this weekend and it prompted me to repost the recipe.  I also have 24 jars in my pantry that are waiting to be filled!


I pulled out my Pampered Chef Apple peeler. I love that thing and don’t get a chance to use it very often. Below is what it looked like before I went to bed.

Apple apples1

After this cooked in the crock pot overnight I notice I had a few chunks of apples that had not been cooked down. I spooned them out and put them into the blender to dice them up.

The kids enjoyed having some on biscuits in the mornings.  I think they liked knowing they helped with the apples.


This recipe yielded 9 – half pint jars. You really should give it a try.

What is your favorite thing to can?  I’d love to try more!

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  1. Angela says

    The recipe sounds wonderful!! I am curious on what is the head-space for the jars? I know having an appropriate head-space is crucial in keeping the foods from spoiling.


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