Walgreens 411

When I first started deal shopping, I heard you could get some cheap and even free stuff from shopping the drug stores. Previously the only time I shopped there was when I needed medicine or a lipstick. I always felt they were overpriced. I have since learned how to maximize my savings and work the deals they have. Here are some things that may help you.

1. Monthly Coupon Book (formerly Easy Saver Catalog) – Most people are only aware of the weekly flier. You can pick up monthly coupon books in the store, usually on the same rack where the weekly fliers are. There is a new one every month. They are filled with over $10o worth of Walgreens coupons. Stack a manufacturer coupon and Walgreens coupon together for a better deal.

2. Register Rewards – In the weekly flier there will often be items that, when purchased, a Register Reward will print after your receipt. This is just like cash and can be used on your next purchase.

  • You can receive unlimited amounts of RR’s for any single item as long as you split up your transactions.
  • Only 1 RR will print per item per transaction.
  • If you receive a RR for an item, then use the RR to pay for another one of the same item, it will not print another RR. (They cannot be rolled over)
  • RR have an expiration date so take note and do not let them expire. I have done this and it’s heartbreaking!
3. Coupons- Walgreens will take RR’s, Walgreens Coupon Book Q’s, other Walgreens Q’s, and MFR Q’s in one transaction.

My advice it to hand over your coupons in this order:

$ off $xx Walgreens purchase coupon (ex: $5 off $25 purchase)
MFR coupons
Walgreens coupons

Not all cashiers know this, so as an informed Walgreens shopper, you can just hand them over in this order. I learned this the hard way. I even have a cheat sheet in my coupon binder.

The Walgreens Coupon Policy is on their website.  I recommend printing it and keeping it in your coupon binder in case  you run into a problem in the store.

I’ll post the Walgreens deals and coupon matchups each week so you can check out the deals and get your list ready.

Here is a simple example of one of my Walgreens trips.


Transaction #1:
1 Gillette Fusion Razor: Sale $8.99 – $4 MFR Q = $5.62 OOP
Received $6 RR

Transaction #2:
3 Bags Chocolate Covered Raisins: Sale $1.99 each = $5.97
1 Hershey Bar = $.50
Used $6.00 RR from 1st transaction
OOP =$.51

I highly recommend the Walgreens brand chocolate covered raisins. I stock up when they are on sale.

It can be overwhelming at first but there are many resources to help. Let me know if you have any questions along the way.


Each month Walgreens will offer  items that you can get money back on when you do a mail in rebate.  The good news is that you can do yoursubmissions online, making it easier and quicker for you.

Here is how this works:

Purchase an item included in the Walgreens rebates for the month. Once you have made your purchase, you can file your rebate in one of two ways:

  1. Through the Walgreens Online Rebate Center
  2. By Mail with this submission form

You will have several options to choose from for cashing out your rebate:

  1. Walgreens Gift Card– This gives you 10% additional cash back and is reload-able month to month.
  2. Walgreens Pre-Paid Visa Card – For rebates over $10. Accepted anywhere Visa is. There will be a fee after the first 12 months.
  3. Rebate Check – Sent to your house in 8-10 weeks
  4. Paypal Deposit

When I did these offers years ago, I would request a Walgreens gift card so I could get the extra 10%.  It takes a while for them to mail you the gift card the first time, but after that you can enter the gift card number online and have that card reloaded each month, saving you time in the future.

See more info at Walgreen Rebate Center – FAQ’s