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Facebook is a great resource to communicate with your readers and form a community. I love my Facebook readers and love sharing information. In the last couple weeks there has been an increase in frustration with bloggers in regards to what people are posting on their Facebook walls. Many times these people are spammers trying to get exposure by using your wall to do so. This is not ok and I usually delete the information. I want my readers to trust the content on my Facebook wall and if I have not researched the company or otherwise, I will not condone sharing that information with my readers. Keep in mind most Facebook fan pages are like bloggers homes. You wouldn’t come into their homes and try to peddle your widget at their widget party.

It is not ok:

  • To post your referral links on another site’s Facebook Wall.
  • If you comment on other Fan pages, it’s polite to use your personal profile not your fan page profile.  Using your fan page profile makes it look like you are trying to get free advertising off another fans page.
  • To post your blog link on another site’s Facebook Wall, without their previous consent.
  • To Post your company link on another sites Facebook Wall. If you are interested in exposure or advertising, contact the owner directly.
  • To Post negative, rude or inappropriate comments, unless it’s corrective feedback. I was taught if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

This post is my viewpoint and while I cannot speak for other Facebook administrators, I have been listening to the complaints of fellow bloggers.

Let’s continue to share information to help each other grow. I love seeing your savings, pictures and personal achievements.

If you have a fan page and have a pet peeve, leave a comment and share so we can all be more informed and polite to others.


  1. Anna says

    I hate all those things! I have and belong to many coupon, sweeps,survey and money savings sites. I also hate when other posters (even bloggers and site owners) use links that get them referral bonuses. I don’t mind this if the info is shared UP FRONT. I hate being tricked into it.

  2. says

    I agree with what you are saying to an extent. A LOT of us blog about bargain hunting, coupons, saving money, etc. AND I think if you preface the post with “This is releavant to your recent post. May wanna take a look at it.” Then its ok. But no, its not ok to use someone elses facebook past to get business and readers for yourself. Keep up the good work!

    • Karen says

      I can generally tell when the post comes from a spammer. They are the “newest liker” and they’ve posted a link within minutes. That equals spam to me. I know my readers that interact with me on a consistent basis and are trying to help me.

  3. Michele says

    I find it totally ironic that you posted this today because I just wrote on one of my local business FB sites that I blogged them. My posts are typically simple like “blogged your great deal” and then put my blog link so they can look for themselves. I work really hard at only posting positive stuff, and for companies that I have done business with myself, so that may make a difference. I actually get lots of positive feedback from companies that I post because they want the added exposure of the blog. Guess there is a fine line between leading them to a blog and posting an actual referral link that some find it hard not to cross.

    • Karen says

      Great point Michele, I think Corporate Fan pages are different altogether. I’m betting that a manufacturer would be happy to hear from their customers with great feedback.
      My post is really geared toward the “little people” like us.

      • says

        But with regard to what Michele has said, I would find a comment like hers acceptable, even as one of the “little people.” :-) For instance, if she had mentioned my blog in one of her posts and she came to my FB page to tell me that and included the link to the mention, I would be fine with that. In fact, I would appreciate it.

        But a random link from a random fan is definitely a no-no. Thanks for your post, Karen.

        • Karen says

          I agree Teresa, there are so many exceptions. I’m sure everyone feels differently about what they consider appropriate. I think it would be ok to do that. But if you just posted something on your fan page and had someone leave a link saying, “come see how I did it better”, well in my opinion that’s wrong. I’m loving all this feedback and enjoy hearing other opinions.
          Keep it coming.

  4. says

    I’ve done that before too, Michele, and I do feel differently when it’s a corporate page. I usually tweet them the link as well, since that shows up in my feed and not theirs.

    Karen, I agree with you on your stance and have been really frustrated with a blogger who leaves her links left and right on my page. I’ve noticed this does this to several FB pages, and she’s never asked, and we have no relationship. It’s annoying!

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