Extreme Couponing Rant

For a couple weeks now I’ve been holding in a lot of anger about the Extreme Couponing show on TLC.  In the beginning it was fun to watch and pure entertainment.  We’ve done live chats on the Facebook page and I’ve even posted my thoughts on the show.  However it has turned into a circus and viewers are taking it seriously.   Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it has motivated people to start using coupons.  BUT I think they feel they need to live up to the 99% savings they see on the show.  Several times in the last week, while at the store registers, the person behind me mentions, “that couponing show where they go from $1,000 to $5?”  Yes, I’ve seen it and no it’s not REALITY!  Apparently my 60% savings no longer impresses people.

1) These stores had to do special “register overrides” to allow most of those transactions to take place.  Many stores limit the # of like coupons used in one transaction, not to mention the # of line items done in one transaction.

2) Most of those stores double coupons, and most Florida stores do not double.  But here’s a surprise, there are MANY stores up north that do not double either.

3) How many times have you had the store managers & cashiers rooting you on and even smiling as they rang up your 1,000 items, 2,000 coupons and took 2 hours to do????

4) The show is bringing national attention and stores and manufacturers are taking notes.  Changes are in the works and who will it affect?  Those of us trying to save money on everyday essentials for our families, that’s who.

I have not watched the show for several weeks.  I don’t need to, the people in the stores tell me ALL about it!  Are you sick of hearing about the show or are you loving the entertainment?

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  1. says

    I have to agree with you. At first the show was entertaining, but it’s beginning to have a negative impact on everyone else (aka the 99.99% of the population OTHER than those people on the show) who use coupons. Stores are going to re-evaluate their policies, and they’re going to add more and more restrictions to those of us who want to shop smart…and for good reason, because stores have to make money too. Who would’ve thought one show’s over-popularity could be a problem?

  2. says

    Oh how I totally get where you are coming from! They actually approached me a few years ago when they were doing the initial casting for that show and I thought….hmm….embarrass my family…make my house a circus….make myself look like I could double on Hoarders….hmmm I THINK NOT.

    I know for a fact that no stores in my area would allow anything like that to take place. EVER. I routinely save 75% or more on smaller, more frequent orders which are things that my family actually can use without getting bored with the product or the product going bad. Yes, they donate on the show, and I am wholeheartedly in favor of that. But don’t portray this as a normal occurrance that everyone can accomplish, because they CAN’T.

    I’m with ya!!

  3. says

    I agree with you and have since the 2nd episode. Our local Publix stores are working on changing their coupon policies because of the show. They are cutting back even more on taking competitor coupons. Being that manufacturers are losing out on even more money now since more coupons are actually being used, I think we can expect for an even stricter limit on how coupons these companies give out.

    I think this does have a major role on “normal” couponers such as us who save an average 60% or so in a negative way.

  4. Patricia Noel says

    I totally agree! I am from Louisiana, and we do not have stores here that double coupons either. It makes me mad to see these people with literally enough items (like deoderant for example) to last them a lifetime…yet they’re still buying more! Sure some give a small portion of their stock piles to charity, but what about the massive amounts you already have that you DON’T need? It’s ridiculous…and you’re right…NOT realistic. Also, what kind of person has the nerve to ask so much of a store and it’s employees when they have other customers who need assistance as well. Stores should not have to shut down register isles to tend to 1 customer with these outrageous expectations. I’m more the happy saving my little $30 – $50 per shopping trip in porportion to what I need at that time and I don’t require anyone to bend over backwards to help me!

  5. Stephanie says

    I, too, completely understand what you are saying! My stores around me do not double coupons, and yet I still fair quite well with my apparent piddly 30-60% off I get from my coupons! I have been couponing for a very long time, many years, but you also need to use your head – do I really need to get 20 cans of tuna if I only use 5 in a two month’s time? And I have a family of 6, so I do not exactly have the room in my house to stockpile like they do. Clip the coupons for the stuff you need, if you clip more, you are essentially spending money…if you are going to stockpile, then donate for crying out loud – help someone else out with your free stuff (which, YES, thankfully many of those people have done) but don’t give people the idea that if you clip some Sunday coupons, you are going to get your bill free!!!! Most of those people spend so much time on couponing and many people will not choose to devote that kind of time to it – I know I can’t!!!
    Kudos to you for bringing up the point about manufacturers – that is SO true and unfortunately, people like you and I are going to suffer in the end.

  6. says

    I am soooo sick of:
    1. Friends and family telling me of their concern that I am becoming a hoarder. We don’t ALL have stockpiles like the ones often shown on the show.
    2. Cashiers looking worried when I pull up to a register with my binder in the front of the buggy. I’m harmless. I promise.. You are not going ot have to look at me for 2 hours.
    3. The stares from non-couponers. I don’t so much mind a quick question.. but if I’m shopping, I’m on a mission and need to get my trip done and get back home.

    I have friends telling me to wacth. I watched a couple episodes.. but honestly it upset me more than entertained me. PLUS Since my sweet hubby doesn’t really understand, he isn’t all that impressed when I don’t come home with 90+% savings. It’s frustrating.

    • Billie says

      My families always telling me I’m a hoarder or why am I wasting my money on stuff like that. I try to explain to them about most of the stuff in free, nearly free, or at it’s lowest price, but they don’t get it or think I’m crazy. I’m just trying to provide for my family means of ways I can afford. I try to explain how to get a deal or what coupons this week you can use to get free stuff but they look at me like I’m stupid or it’s too much work?!?!
      I have people come up to me in the store when they see the binder and ask questions all the time most are very nice, and either are doing it or would like to know how too. I try to give them a quick explanation but with two babies its always brief.
      Cashiers I haven’t had to many problems with tho I’m not buying 1000’s of items, once I had one argue with me over a clearly market free item, who told me I had to buy two and got the third free then when I asked where it said that she didn’t know so the manager came and corrected her.
      Most stores here in only double coupons up to 50cents if at all, and most coupons are over a dollar to begin with. I do watch the show, and it erks me now more then anything, how are these people getting thousands of inserts that’s fine for the select few that are blessed with them but what about the rest of the country where that’s just not available to us. That should not be glorified on TV when it’s not achievable, and it’s not they give us any useful tips. When the show airs we would watch it as a family and when they save 98% and my boyfriend turns to me and asks why don’t I do that it makes me feel like a failure for all my hard work I put into it. Most times I save 40 to 60 % while on a 500 dollar bill I thought was quite good. Also these people have horrendous stock piles so they don’t need to buy groceries like a normal person would. Also wheres the fresh produce and meats, a heck of a lot of it is JUNK food. Which isn’t surprising the most of the people on the show are overweight. I really hope this is the last season and people will stop learn to shop monist instead of extreme.

  7. Shannon says

    I agree with you 100%.
    Also I noticed on one episode there were two women, both in Missouri. One shopped at Schnucks and she said, right on TV, that Schnucks doubles up to 50cent coupons and they supposedly took 250 of her coupons. Liar liar, pants on fire. They do not. I shop at Schnucks, they double up to 40 cent and they will only take up to 15 coupons. The amount of coupons they honor MIGHT vary, according to store.
    Was this an attmept to make her shopping trip look better than it could have?

  8. Michelle says

    I applaud those using coupons to buy things that are needed for their families. I’ve been using them for years.
    But, the other day, when I went shopping, there were whispers behind me. “Is she, One of Those” from “That Show”? I’m NOT, one of “Those”! I do not stock-pile.
    Even the cashier was talking about “THAT SHOW”, telling me (and anyone with-in hearing distance), how “That Show”, is going to ruin it for regular coupon users.
    The show that bugged me the most, was that woman who had a room built to house her milk crates full of coupons, saying that they were a gift from God? That’s Blasphamy !!!
    Yeah, my dander is up, but, that’s okay, I’ll get over it.
    I really like it when the stock-pilers, donate to food kitchens, Churches and send packages to OUR TROOPS !

  9. bryan says

    i watched it for the first couple weeks,i laugh at most of the show,but am over it,i really did not think i was going to learn anything,i was hoping to,am sure alot of ppl that use coupons everyday like us stop watching it,i believe its the new ppl watching the show and thinking they will save 90% on there first purchase,i have never saved that much at one time,maybe close to 50% off food bill,but still thats asking for alot,a person can save alot if that person buys a few items,but when i go to the food store i come out of there with about $150 and save maybe $40-$60 which am happy with that

  10. Cindy says

    I am giggling reading this. I completely agree. I watched a few shows b/c I was curious – my mom is a couponer and a champion one…. to the point that we used to joke should the world have issues before 2000, we could live in our basement with all the food. But the more I stopped to think about it, who cares if you have coupons to buy 35 containers of Tums at 50 cents? If you need that many stockpiled you have a bigger problem! But seriously, I think it’s great but the one thing I’ve always heard is to NOT buy something just because you have a coupon. If it’s something you do not use normally – it means it’s probably something that will just be sitting around your house gathering dust and not being used now. My goal is to learn how to find the coupons I want and how to make better choices at the store to expand my shopping and my thriftiness, not just to stock pile food and goods.
    There. I’m done. Thanks Karen for your help in starting me in that direction.

  11. Stacey says

    I COMPLETELY agree! I used to post pictures of my small (but I thought thrifty) buys on facebook, and ask my friends to guess how much I paid. I thought getting $130. worth of groceries and essentials for $29.00 using HONEST couponing was a big deal! But now that everyone’s seen “THAT SHOW”, geesh! I can only hope that stores realize that the customer base using coupons at their stores need those coupons just to keep in a budget. That more and more coupons are being used out of NECESSITY rather than, lets just save some $$ for fun.

  12. rosie says

    At first I watched the show in amazement and thought “hey!! I want to do that too” and immediately started clipping coupons. I will admit that there’s been a few times when I felt like these people (who ever they are) are clearly taking advantage of a good thing. Like the girl who stocks up on diapers but doesnt have a child. I just dont get it. But to each thier own right?

    While I have yet to come even close to shaving off 90% of my bill Im still incredibly impressed with how much I have been saving every week and will continue to shop this way.

    I love websites like yours that are so willing to help out us normal couponers get started. So thanks for that.

  13. Jessica L says

    I 110% agree with you and everyone who has commented!! When I first heard of the show I was excited because I thought I would actually learn something but low and behold I didn’t! I just pray that TLC hasn’t ruined couponing for us everyday shoppers just looking to help cut down on our weekly/monthly food bills. I love love your website Karen it is a great help to me with my shopping and keeping within my budget. Thank You!!

  14. says

    I completely agree!
    I am also worried that all the national attention might increase negative feedback toward us “normal couponers” and cause some of the grocery stores to change their coupon policies, making it more difficult for us to save.

  15. says

    I track every receipt and my savings are 67% YTD. This includes fresh produce, meat, seafood and milk. This is the realistic way to report savings, all inclusive! Also, I agree that I will never get 100 free items at my grocery store, Giant, in Harrisburg, PA. They only double one like coupon per transaction! I agree the show was fun to watch initially, but now it is just same story, different person. Predictable! Unrealistic! Your article says it all! THANK YOU!!!

  16. says

    My thoughts are. Yeah yeah, I have been couponing for almost 12 years. I get it. I am at the extreme level. I do 10-20 sets a week. I shop for 10 people!!! The show is ruining it for me also. Plus, Every one is a know it all now. Where were these know it all’s before the show? I have not seen one of the episodes. But, I sure hear all about them from family. Never has a cashier cheered me on. They have been impressed but not supportive. Nor, have the people in line behind me. Thanks for the rant!

    • tina says

      My cashiers always act like it is a bother that I am using coupons. I don’t use alot but I do use them. Then they try to scan my coupons so fast that half of them don’t scan. I want to use them to save a some money but it sometimes gets to where I have so much problems from cashiers that is makes me almost not want to use them. And yes I do have a binder but that doesn’t mean I am stockpiling my stuff.

  17. Sarah says

    Totally agree! I haven’t torn myself away yet bc I keep thinking I might learn something new, but I don’t and I just get myself worked up. I used to be a paper carrier, and I am ENRAGED by the people who steal newspapers out of driveways!!!! The person who lives there will get a new paper for free, but guess who has to pay for it?!? Not the newspaper company! That comes right out of your carriers paycheck, and having that many missing papers – which no one may realize are being stolen rather than undelivered – can get a carrier fired! And I hate the way the show seems to glamourize this criminal behavior, with the couponer giggling like it’s all a big joke. Grrrr!

    The only thing I have gotten out of the show is this: my husband used to give me a really hard time about stockpiling (my stockpile has never made it out of our pantry/fridge/deep freeze, but I kept them full), but after watching an episode and seeing how much money can be saved, even if it’s only half what you see on the show, he realizes that it’s really worth the time and the space in his precious garage! lol

  18. Kimberly says

    I don’t have cable, but I did see a few episodes when I visited my sister. I guess I feel that there are better things I can do with my time. I don’t care if I can get 100’s of items for free. If it means I’m going to have to spend 30 hours a week clipping coupons and digging in dumpsters and then 2 hours shopping and checking out, it isn’t worth it to me. The two or so hours I spend each week clipping 2-4 sets of coupons and reading saving blogs is enough for me. In fact, I’d actually rather spend that time playing with my kids.

  19. Darice says

    I have to agree with you, Karen. Plus, I must add that the Extreme Couponing shows have led to new “restrictions” on the number of sale items we can get here (FL) at Publix AND other stores as well. I thought it was bad enough that we couldn’t double coupons here!

    • Shelley says

      I totally agree with you Darice- I live in South Florida where it’s expensive! No stores double, the Mfg coupons amounts are decreasing and stores are cracking down on coupons. I have cashiers stare and scrutinize every coupon I print, I have been blamed for copying coupons-which i nicely added that I am a honest couponer and he can look at every barcode number to prove it, there is alot of unhappy cashiers that dread coupons and hold the lines up even more by processing them slowly then everyone in line behind me is irritated- like it’s my fault! I was at Target and the cashier said “are you trying to be like the people that hoard on extreme couponing?” Mind you this was a quick trip in and only used 10 coupons! 10! and I am a hoarder? for 2 bags of groceries! I agree peoples mindset are getting swayed with very incorrect information.

  20. says

    Not to mention that they don’t tell you how much they actually paid to buy all those coupons!! So 99% savings is not really 99% savings when you are paying to buy the coupons. I still haven’t gave in and watched the show, but everybody who knows I coupon always ask me “Did you see Extreme Couponing?!”.

  21. Karen says

    Love hearing all of your opinions on the topic! Keep them coming. Wonder if we should make T-Shirts that say, “I’m NOT one of THOSE people” LOL :)

  22. Melissa H. says

    My least favorite thing about the show has been the level of selfishness of these extreme couponers. Sure, it’s great to get things free/almost free or even items that you’re paid for to get. But COME ON!! An entire display of meds? An entire shelf (minus one) of mustard – when your husband doesn’t even LIKE the stuff? That’s just hateful! What about people like myself (and most of you) who need coupons, sales, bonus cards and the like to feed our families? I’m a SAHM of two small children and have a third on the way. I would like to stay at home until they are all 3 in school, but without saving my “pitiful” 40-60% I couldn’t do that. It really bunches my undies to see people who don’t NEED 77 bottles of mustard take them all – to h**l with the rest of us.

  23. Denise R. says

    I agree, and am worried that a lot of the stores will redo their coupon policies due to the show.

    I haven’t seen it but family, friends , even strangers (in the store last week) mention things about it.

    Yes, it is already affecting us….we get the double coupons at Kroger still but may not forever. I saved 76% last week at Kroger but this isn’t typical I am happy with a 50-60% savings. It all helps and I just wish this show would disappear before the stores do a complete re-haul of their policies because of their practices on the show.

    Not saying that ppl can’t benefit a bit or learn a few things about couponing but it also seems there are things done that aren’t kosher and make us all look bad. And could affect how they look at us at c/o. Like were all out to beat the system or something.

    Thanks for posting this, I’m going to share it for the family members and friends who do watch this and take it seriously! lol

  24. Dona says

    This so true. I have stop watching the show after the first one. It is time the show goes off the air. I do no that stores are changing the way we can use coupons.I was in WalMart a fews weeks ago to get the sunday papers their was 5 booklet that week. So I took time to make sure that all the coupons where in each paper and a employee told mgr. I was stealing coupons. So 3 people come running over to me .And the people who started it was so loud the hold store new it. So I told the Mgrs to check my papers and their should be 5 booklet . And their was a man sit their waiting for his wife talking to me and told them that I did notthing wrong. They did not check my papers . They said they have to go by what the Employee say as true. Never had this promble before the show. They still have not call me.

    • Karen says

      Wow Dona, that is terrible. I’ve plopped my papers down at the registers and checked in front of the cashier before.

  25. Pat Gumingo says

    The last show I watched was a young minister and his wife and it looked like they gave away their stockpile to charity. I am not watching any more – some of them are just plain greedy. Do you need to stockpile something that will last you for 40 years? How many of us would have the time or energy or room to devote a whole rooms or rooms of your house to your stockpile! I have also commented on the fact that some of them buy extra coupons or newspapers and they don’t count that against their savings. I live in a state that does not double coupons, but average almost 50% on my savings. I actually keep a chart. Just started it this year – curious as to how much I save. I agree that the show is going to spoil it for us regular couponers. I wouldn’t mind it if a store limited the number of coupons to one item – like 10 or something like that.

  26. Shannon says

    I also never see fresh meat, veggies, fruit or milk in the checkout process either! For those of us feeding “real” families – those are essential items. My family goes thru 3 gallons of milk per week and I never find a coupon for them! Maybe we should overload TLC with e-mails about how unrealistic the show really is!

  27. sylvia says

    I wholeheartedly agree. I watched two episodes. I watched the second hoping that they would show “real” couponers. No such luck. Why don’t we all send comments to TLC as well? Post on FB what you’re doing and get your other couponing friends,if they’re in agreement to comment as well. Include the link to the TLC feedback page just to make it easier. I really think this is irresponsible and effects us all. However, they’re only going to change it if they’re shown the numbers against it. The conviction of being responsible isn’t going to happen with TV executives. If it would, then snoop dog, katy perry and russell brand wouldn’t be on nickelodeon. Here’s the link for comments/questions on TLC programs http://corporate.discovery.com/contact/viewer-relations/

    • Dona says

      I think this is a great ideal. And sometime I will get like 10 or 15 of something for free.Freind will give me coupon or send them to me cause they no what I will do .I live in fl their is no room in my house to hold that much.But I share .I have a sick 16 year old son that has been in I.C.U. 2x this year and have been in a total 6 time so far. Last year it was about 11 x. So I will share with the Ronald McDonald House which we are so bless to be about to stay at wild he is in. Cause only one parent can sleep in the room. And I have had that 2 and 3 am call telling me to get back to I.C.U.. We live over hour away. So if and of you find that your bless to get more the you will use think of them or even the schools cause they no of familys in need also too. I just like to know how much these people thru away cause it goes out of date or bad? Have a wonderful day everyone.

  28. cindy b says

    WOW… And i thought i was the only one. I was was thinking ok maybe this will help make couponers look good..And boy was I wrong ..I was not sure what the show was going to be about but now I c. People would give me greff befor this show about my age and coupoing now they are even worse.Almost so bad that i want to tell people off and fight with them in to storres..It did bring some people out to coupon but it also make us look bad ~! Nopt all couponer coupon 4 there town.~ I feel bad when i am super happy about a sale and get like 5 (like the side rice is on sale) And I feel like oo i should have left some more for others to ge tthis great deal and the shelf are full…N well i will eat them 5 rice side fast .. b/c we use 2 in a dinner so just 3 dinners .~ but n-e ways… I feel now it shows people it is ok to clear the shelf .. It is on the last day of the sale (rain checks . people..) If i really love something i will grab a few 3, to 5 and if i still want more (stock up 3 more ) I will go back at the end of a sale and not there rain check it .. Idk maybe i am to nice ?~ I just wish they would toss some other people on there to show that not all coupners are like that ,~!

  29. stefani says

    I totaly agree with everyone. I decided after watching the second show to quit watching. It is insane and I am afraid it will ruin couponing for all of us. I have felt some pressure on my use of coupons, since the show aired. I informed the clerk that I only bought stuff that i knew I could use and that I did not have 62 bottles of mustard in my closet. At a recent family dinner, my non-couponing family was picking on me over my 18 bottles of laundry detergent and I informed them that I had spent less on those 18 bottles than they would have spent on 2. It shut them all up and they were impressed. Couponing helps us to be able to enjoy other things that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to and here recently it has helped make up the difference for the rising cost of gas. It would hurt us tremendously, if the manufacturers tightened up dramatically on the coupons.

  30. Kay says

    My mother and I watched the first show that came on December. It was interesting and it got us thinking to say the least. My mom used to use coupons years ago.

    However, some of the things on the shows bothered me. Most stores have limits on how many coupons, how many of one kind you can use, etc….
    A lot do not double the coupons or allow you to use a store brand and a manufacture coupon.

    They do not add in the cost of the clipping services that some of the couponers used.

    Some of the couponers annoyed me. Like the one woman who threatened to punch or slap her boyfriend and she did not care if it was on camera. Yes their stock piles can be amazing but like with my grandmother, how much of the stuff she hoarded was expired by the time she got around to using it.

    Then the amount of time they said some of the people spent on couponing. Do they NOT have a life?
    The one woman lived for couponing and bragged about the amount of time she spent on it. I thought it was a bit pathetic and had to wonder about if she had any friends or family if she spent hours a day casing out a store before shopping, on the computer and she even said she would get up at midnight to make a trip to the store to get something if the deal was good enough. Something seemed real off about her.

    We use coupons and we have talked to others who do as well. Most know that the show is set up somewhat. The stores know in advance because they would not be able to film unless the store was notified beforehand. Some of the stores they showed do not allow some of the stuff they were doing like doubling coupons, allowing so many of one kind of coupon.

  31. says

    You nailed it when you mentioned that the person behind you in line tells you about the show while you are trying to save some money…like what you are doing isn’t good enough…notice, they are not doing it! :)
    Keep up the great work and don’t let the turkeys get you down!

  32. shelia beel says

    So happy you said this!!!!!!!
    couldn’t agree with you more.
    I had signed up for a coupon class given by one of the ladies on the TLC show, she said how unrealistic it is, and it almost possible to do, and she said she would never do that show again.

    It is ruining the couponing for the average mom . I hate going to stores with shelves cleared and no products left . They all need to be on the other show” hoarders.”

  33. Crystal says

    I am new to couponing partially because of the show but I knew about couponing a long time before TLC ever got their filthy fingers on this pilot. I am so tired of just needed to go in to get a couple of items for my household and there being empty places on the shelves where ALL of the stock has been dumped into someone’s cart!! it is really ridiculous I went to Walgreens and Harris Teeter today, I went to 3 Walgreens’ to get a deal on Gillette body wash for my boyfriend and every store I went to had empty shelves where the item was. Its really beginning to become ridiculous, I understand that a great deal is hard to find but when you see the lady in front of you with a coupon binder stuff her two carts full of groceries into a $80,000 Range Rover you become infuriated! I am a broke college student and I would like to not have to pay full price because the rich woman in front of me wants to be cool because she learned how to coupon on tv!

    • says

      Crystal, I agree with you completely! We have only been doing this a few months & the one thing I really like about Walgreens { & CVS } is on the last Saturday of the flyer, they will give you a raincheck. I never used those before, but they are amazing!! Then you go back a week or two later after the item is not on sale, the shelf is usually stocked again & you will get the same deal you went for in the first place. We have one Walgreens near us with a great manager, he writes the raincheck, he thanks us for coming and then he has a running notebook of the rainchecks he writes so the next week he can add the “extra desired items” to his order! You might want to look into the rainchecks! :)

  34. Abbey says

    I agree. Not so long ago a company that I have on my facebook had an article about this and how most of this is not possible and all the non healthy choices in food they were making. Not only that it made me sick to see these people and their stock piles of food. Like the one that was having a party and went and buy food for the party that she already had, and then had to call 5 people to come in and help her with her transactions because they couldn’t get the full discount she was exptecting. Use what you have or donate the rest. I would love to buy groceries like that and donate to food banks or send to our troops;however, I am just happy when I can go to the store and save $10 with coupons. I don’t expect to get it free. Where I live we don’t have stores that double coupons. I just enjoy getting a good deal!

  35. says

    hate the show. stopped watching after first week. sure, its great they donate, but even then, dont wipe the shelves clear! very upset…. idk what we will do in my family if coupons ever have to go away.. save about %40 – %50 max on my shopping trips and am quite content. .

  36. Dedi says

    I have to agree..I have always used coupons and now when I go to the store with my stack of coupons some stores go back through the bags to verify that I purchased everything..or I went to a Target recently and the CSM didn’t know their coupon policy and told me it was one coupon per item per transaction..I could not purchase more than one item per transaction and use a coupon..I wound up having to hold up the line to do about 12 different transactions after they had to void out the original transaction..the lady behind me with coupons was getting upset…I told the cashier now I remember why I do not shop at this Target..a few days later I went to the one near my house and I had no problems using all my coupons in the same transaction….I don’t care what the Wal-Mart commercials say..in my area they “question” price matching..you can just walk up and say Target across the street has it for X amount of dollars..they want proof…and some stores make you feel like a crook especially after seeing that Jaimie chick pull fraud on the store with her coupons.. I have been couponing for close to 22 yrs and was taught by my ex-mother-in-law..she was an extreme couponer before it ever existed..it was awesome to watch her get cash back..when the stores did that..she couponed up until the day she passed away…

  37. Dedi says

    and I am so tired of hearing how couponers are hoarders…there may be some out there but I buy only what I need for my family or to donate…I stockpile on the items we go through like crazy..

    • says

      Hoarding is when you become unusually attached to broken and unneeded items. Stock piling is when you save money & store what your family will use & need! People in the 50s use to stock pile food items in their fall-out shelters, people in Florida stock pile food & water in case of a hurricane, no one calls these examples hoarders! Keep going & don’t let the turkeys get you down! :)

  38. renee says

    Don’t know about you, but I don’t purchase $20,000 worth of grocery/personal care/pet items per year. So how do these people justify quitting their jobs because they are “saving their families $20,000 a year? Even when we had 6 people in our house, we could not have used that amount of food/stuff.

    • Dedi says

      Exactly..I don’t see how quitting your job and spending 60 hours a week on their “strategies” to get free food…or pay close to nothing…I think I do great when I have close to $400 worth of products and pay on $98 and some change or even $188 and some change…I am proud of that…

  39. says

    Thanks for posting this! I don’t come anywhere near what the show portrays. I mean NOWHERE near it. I buy mostly produce, so I usually only save between 5% and 15%. Even still, I notice a difference in how everyone is reacting to coupons. I really appreciate that 5-15%, and I don’t want it to go away because other people are greedy, selfish, or just plain nuts, and the media is glorifying it.

  40. says

    Thank you for this post! I hope this show is over soon, it is boring! The show now follows two people doing the same thing ~ 1. Take your coupons to the store 2. Drag your family there for their 15 mins. of fame. 3. Freak out when the cash register locks up & 4. Roll out & go home! Boring!
    I have only been couponing for a few months due to a suggestion of a fellow teacher. We are a family of 6 and we have dogs too! We’re a Navy family that has had to move a lot & although the Navy pays to move you, they don’t pay your rent while you have to also pay a mortgage in the old state while you wait for your house to sell. They don’t pay the two different electricities, two water bills, etc. while you wait for the old house to sell…. we have hit rock bottom some times, and couponing & stock piling would have made all the difference in the World! So ~ since you don’t know my story, my history, don’t comment when I’m holding up the line at Publix! One lady got so mad throwing her stuff back into her buggy, I finally said, “I have a family of 6, you’re welcome to come up here and pay my bill before the coupons!” It only made her madder, but I sure made me feel better! :) Keep up the great work ladies! I’ve helped one blog friend in another state & two friends here in town get started. One has helped another person I didn’t know start up! Because of you helping me, you’ve reached 5 people that quickly! There’s no going back now! :) Also, hoading is when you become unusually attached to broken and unneeded items. Stock piling is when you save money & store what your family will use & need! People in the 50s use to stock pile food items in their fall-out shelters, people in Florida stock pile food & water in case of a hurricane, no one calls these examples hoarders! :)

  41. Becca says

    I’ve never watched the show but I’ve heard WAY too much about it!
    My family of six lives on a VERY tight budget with just one paycheck – so my couponing is both fun and very necessary for me.
    That show is ruining couponing for the rest of us – and it’s a LIE! And the general public BELIEVES it!!

  42. Cara H. says

    Well put. This show is going affect the everyday shoppers trying save money for thier families. It is such a shame. I went to the TLC/Discovery website and sent a message about how I felt about the show. I expressed concerns about these “extreme” couponers and the obsessive/compulsive behaviors seen in the hoarding. I feel like their behaviors are being exploited. So sad.

  43. marlo says

    I agree, I will admit that the reason I started using coupons was because of the show but I do not go to the level the show goes to. I am using coupons and following store policy to get the best deal for my family. It is a shame that the sensationalism of the show is going to ruin it for everyone else.

  44. VictoriaC says

    Hi Karen, I too found the first season of the show to be frusterating. Here I was a couponer who’s goal was (and still is) 60% savings per trip and they were doing the impossible. I have since come to terms with my frusteration and realized that my 60% is something to be proud of. I am so thrilled to see that you share the same view. Thank you for encouraging us “couponers” to do well for our families.

  45. Holly says

    I agree with everyone that this show is not realistic. However, I don’t think anyone (especially TLC) would make a show about couponing unless it is sensationalized. (“Reality” television?) Unfortunately, it is all about ratings and making money. I don’t believe they care about what the average person thinks in regard to disagreeing with their show! I contacted them last year about the show, Sister Wives, and expressed my disappointment with their decision to air that show on a family network. I feel it degrades women, shows disrespect for traditional families and it is promoting illegal behavior. They sent me back a response, but it is back on again this year. I think they need to hear our opinions, I’m just not sure what it would take for them to make a change!

  46. angie says

    I am ashamed to say that I am addicted to that show but it is the whole reason why I am here on this website now. I don’t want to buy 100 of the same item but I want to have a nice stockpile for me and my family. We are doing very poor financially and depend on foodstamps to feed us at the moment until I can get back to work. Just had another little girl, anyway, we live in south Florida where there are no stores who double coupons! Any extra help with information would be very much appreciated!

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