Black Friday

If you head out on Black Friday you may want to read my Tips on How to Survive Black Friday.  It can be fun, with the right attitude.   I will update the info as the ads are released and you can find them on this page.

Black Friday Ads can be overwhelming and time consuming to shuffle through.  Well I’m hear to help!  Check out the Black Friday page for a price comparison of items you want! The list is extensive and you’ll need to scroll down to see all the info.  It is also being updated daily, as new ads are released.  I hope this helps you get organized and save some money.

These are in store prices in the ads, but you’ll want to also check Amazon because they like to price match items.

In addition to that, last year many stores popped the Black Friday prices early ONLINE!  So be sure to check back here and I’ll let you know.  Also, be sure to scroll to the right and see WHEN the deal is offered.  Some have day and time limitations.

If you’d like to search for an item, you can go to the Original Black Friday Comparison Document and then click “edit”.  Under Edit you should see an option for “find and replace”.  Then you can type in a keyword for an item you want to price.  Click ‘find’ more than once and it will jump to several items if there are multiple.

Black Friday Spreadsheet