Coupon Savings Spreadsheet Template ~ Track Your Savings By Store and Month

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Several years ago I created a coupon savings spreadsheet template to keep track of my savings for the year.  It’s wonderful to input your savings and see how much you’ve accomplished at the end of the year.  I know many of you have used this same worksheet for a while now.

What better way to hold yourself accountable and motivate you so save, than tracking your savings? Check out this coupon savings spreadsheet template.

There are several store tabs and it will total the months for you and autofill the Totals Page.  In the comments section I list key items from that particular shopping trip.  Sometimes it’s nice seeing how long it had been since I bought coffee creamer!  On the miscellaneous page, I list the store and what I bought.  This spreadsheet will be available in Excel and a Google Doc format.

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Happy Savings!


  1. says

    I just went through my 2012 list and was excited to see how much I saved for the total over the year. Can’t wait to start tracking 2013. Yes I am a numbers nerd :)

    • Karen says

      The Email was sent out to all Subscribers on December 29. Please check your inbox for “coupon savings Worksheet” in the title

  2. Wendy says

    Love the worksheet, but how do I change the store name on the “Total” page. I was able to change the individual page and tabs, but I have to “unprotect” the document to change the store names on the “Total” page, and it asks for a passcode.

  3. Michelle Fletter says

    I would like that spreadsheet that you just posted ” Coupon Saving Spreadsheet” – can I ask what is OOP? Coupon short abbrev? Look forward to your email returning.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Ann-Marie says

    I love the worksheet, last year I paid 822.29 and saved 3,336.79 for a 80.2% savings. This included items donated and given to my daughter

  5. Corilynn says

    Hello, I just subscribed. I am a beginner couponer and would love a copy of this template… should I be recieving this soon too in my email or did I miss out since a previous comment states they were sent out back in December????

    • Karen says

      Click the subscribe link in this post and you can sign up for the emails. You will get the coupon tracking spreadsheet within 1 hour of subscribing.

  6. jamie hartfield says

    hi there! i received an email on 1/1 with a link to this blog post, but i never received the actual template. Can you please help? thanks!


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