Counterfeit Rainbow Looms ~ How You Can Tell If You Have a Fake

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I while back I posted a great deal on the Rainbow Looms.  I’m sad to say it was brought to my attention that there are 3rd party sellers on Amazon that are selling counterfeit Rainbow looms. 


I ordered this for my daughter and threw it up in the closet for Christmas.  I just pulled it out and verified it with this Counterfeit Rainbow Looms article.  And yes it appears that it’s a fake.  I’m not happy because they deceived me, and in turn I shared the deal with you all.

The article will explain how you can tell and why you should care.  Obviously the price point is not a deal for a fake item.  Some people may not care, but it’s good for you to know.  I’ve heard the fakes can break easily and may have sharp edges.

I’ve contacted Amazon and they are contacting the seller on my behalf and requesting a refund and a return address label.

I hope this information helps you and I also hope you didn’t get a fake version when you were expecting an original.  I’m sad to have to share this, but please pass along to friends who may also have made a Rainbow Loom purchase.

Thanks for passing along Kosher on a Budget

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