Christmas Crafts For Kids ~ Now Taking Submissions

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I’m starting a series for Christmas Crafts for Kids.  If you have a craft you’d like to share, head to the Submission page and fill out the information.  Should be lots of fun and will help keep your kids busy.  This will be an ongoing series, so you have time to create something and submit when you are ready.


  1. andrea says

    I’m looking for a fun way to let my kids decorate our white
    Christmas tree this year. They are 2 and even the ornaments I thought were safe and none toddler destructible last year were broken. Candy they will beg for and eat, I know most things they make they will tear up but would love for it to last at least a month. Excited to see what other moms crafted for their trees.

  2. Kim says

    When my kids were small (now 28 and 29) we made ornaments each year starting at age 2. If they can use scissors, let them cut out pictures from old Christmas cards. They can then paint them with a mixture of Elmer’s glue 50/50 with water and sprinkle on glitter. Punch a hole in top and tie on some yarn or string.

    Another fun one is to go on a family outing to find pine cones. Let the kids paint them with the glue mixture and sprinkle with glitter. Hot glue some string on top to hang them.

    There are also salt dough or cinnamon dough ornaments you cut out with cookie cutters. Some air dry and others you will need to bake.

    String pipe cleaners with beads to look like candy canes, icicles or bend into circles like little wreaths.

    Have them draw pictures, color, paint etc. Cover with clear contact paper (no way to rip them up!) and cut out in cute shapes. Punch a hole on top to add a string for hanging.

    These are some things the littlest ones can probably do.

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