Academy Sports No Longer Accepting Competitor Coupons

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Yesterday I headed into Academy Sports to buy my son new soccer cleats.  I made sure to bring my $10 off Competitor coupon in the Enjoy The city Books.  Well my son is now in adult size cleats!  Good news, we have a larger selection to choose from.  Bad news, the price almost doubled for the adult sizes.  We picked out a pair and headed to the register, only to be told per corporate, last week, they stopped taking competitor coupons.  I was very disappointed because obviously I would have planned better and gone to the competitor location, so that I can save my family the $10 off with my coupon.  The reasoning they gave was that customers where not abiding by the exclusions on the coupons.  Well I’m sorry, but that is a lousy excuse!  Yes as an informed and ethical couponer, it is our responsibility to make sure we are using proper coupons and abiding by the fine print.  BUT the store should also take the 5 seconds to verify the coupon is not being abused.  If the coupon says, “not valid on Nike gear” then don’t accept it on “Nike gear”. Generally the fine print is only 2 lines long.

I contacted Academy through the website and have not heard back yet.  I have also contacted them through Twitter and got this message:

@SavinFamlyMoney – we appreciate the feedback. Please see our low price commitment here Academy/Low Price Commitment

Here is a screen shot of that page with the exclusion:

If Academy released their own coupons, which I have only seen if you open a Credit card with them, then this wouldn’t be an issue.

I hope that Academy will change their minds and start accepting them again.  I really like shopping there for our sporting goods, but If I can save my family $10 by driving a little further to the competitor, then that’s what I have to do.

If you’d like to let them know about your disappointment in this change, please do so at the Academy Customer Service page.  Let our voices be heard.


  1. Liz says

    You may already be aware of this but Dick’s will accept Sports Authority and other competitor coupons. Back in December, I bought the Nike Plus watch. It was the same price at all stores, including the running store which doesn’t give or accept coupons. I had a 25% off Sports Authority and a $10 off $50 at Dick’s and I used both! I saved $60 on my running watch which I LOVE!! We don’t use Academy because I haven’t been able to do that or find good deals on the things that we need from sports stores.

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