Coupon Classes Jacksonville

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My 2010 New Years Resolution was to reduce our monthly grocery, household and personal care expenses. During the month of January, I had a savings of $31.00. After attending Karen’s coupon class, My February savings increased to $108.00! It is now the second week of March and my savings are already $88.00! At this rate, I am certain I will beat February’s numbers! Karen is a great teacher and motivator! I wish I would have been using her saving strategies much sooner. Oh, the money I could have saved! ~Carol S.

I am writing to thank you for your coupon class on February 16th. The first trip to the grocery store after that class our family saved $97.36. Since then our average grocery bill for two weeks has gone from $400 to less than $200 just by using coupons and buying buy one get one items. Thank you so much for what you are doing, you have been a blessing to our family. ~Katy