Canvas Bags and Digital Watches Under $1.20 Each with Free Shipping

Amazon.com_ Pastorable Canvas Pen Bag Pencil Case, Brand New, Different Colors,set of 4_ Office Products

Check out these Canvas Pen Bag Pencil Cases set of 4 for only $3.99 with free shipping These would make fun make-up bags, gift totes and more.  For under $1 each, that’s a deal!

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These Sports Digital Silicone Bracelets watches (Unisex) are only $1.18 and they ship for free! Choose from 9 different colors. Displays month, date, time, minute. Thanks Kansas City Mamas!

Remember prices on Amazon are subject to change at anytime, so go snag these now!

Florida Times Union Subscription Deal ~ Order Online Now At $1.74 For Weekend Delivery

Savvy Shopper - STFM

Do you need a Florida Times Union Subscription at a great price?   Get a Sat/Sun Delivery for $1.74 per week.  You can order multiple papers (up to 10 per address).  The Sunday papers are now $3 each so this is a great price!    I recommend you lock in this price for the next year (52-weeks).

You can now place your order online with this pricing and pay all in one location!

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Happy Savings ~ Karen


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Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway and $10 Off Coupon Code is giving away $3,000 in Home Depot e-gift cards from 4/21 to 4/23 (Fifty $20 gift cards each day).  This is a great way to start some of those home projects and save some money!  Click here to enter.

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Some of my favorite projects that Home Depot has helped me with are:

DIY Shelves sidebar

DIY Shelves on the cheap

Fabric Covered Magnetic Bulletin Board

Handmade Blackout Curtains

And let’s face it, if you’ve been following me, you know that Home Depot is one of my favorite places :)

Home Depot also has a coupon code going on right now!  Get $10 off purchases of $100 or more with Promo Code: SPRINGHD
Deal starts on Monday, April 21 and will run through Sunday, April 27.  You can purchase online at Home Depot and pick up at your local store for most items.

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Amazon Sales Tax Starting In May For Florida Residents

Amazon box

If you haven’t already heard, Amazon will start charging sales tax on purchases from Florida residents beginning on May 1st.  We’ve never had to pay sales tax at checkout before because Amazon did not have a Florida physical presence.  Florida resident were supposed to pay taxes on those purchases on their own, but there was no way to enforce that.  If you have been contemplating any large Amazon purchases, do them before May 1.

While this is sad, there are some benefits.  Faster shipping to Florida residents, especially if you don’t have Amazon Prime.  It also means more jobs for Florida residents.  The new warehouse locations are in Ruskin and Lakeland, Florida. (near Tampa)

Dying Easter Eggs With Food Coloring ~ Fun Family Activity


I love using stuff we already have to make some family fun.  Here we used food coloring to dye our Easter Eggs.   We used cups I had saved from previous years and off we went.  We used about 1 tsp vinegar per cup.  I tried tie dying a few, and they turned out great!  Here’s how you do it:

  • Moisten a paper towel and lay it on top of saran wrap.
  • Drop food coloring onto the paper towel in random order.
  • Place an egg in the center and wrap paper towel & saran wrap around it.
  • Tie off with a rubberband and let sit for a couple minutes. dsc05647

I love how they turned out.  The kids enjoyed coloring on them with crayons and then dying them.

I also wiped the eggs with some oil aftewards to give them a nice shine.  Mommy put gloves on them so they wouldn’t have purple fingers.


Tips For Buying Things On Ebay

Tips For Buying Things On Ebay

Before I started this website almost 5 years ago, I was an eBay Powerseller.  I bought scrapbooks at wholesale and resold them for a profit.  I also sold items for a commission for friends and relatives that didn’t have the time nor desire to do it themselves.   I sold cameras, Lladro pieces, clothing and even 2 cars, one of which was shipped over seas!  I loved the bidding process and watching the price shoot up in the last 5 minutes of an auction.  After a while there were some changes to eBay where the buyer had more power than the seller.  In some aspects this was good.  As a seller, having a buyer request a refund for a perfectly good item you shipped or leaving feedback that simply wasn’t true, was frustrating.  I soon realized it was causing me more stress than profit and I slowly sold off my inventory and moved on.

Now I use eBay  as a buyer only and still enjoy that aspect.  I have been looking for a utility sink for my new laundry room project and my efforts on Craigslist, the Habitat Restore and local hardware stores have not worked out yet.  I could buy a sink online at the hardware stores but those were over $100 so I started looking at eBay.  I’ve been watching a particular seller that had a sink the perfect dimensions for me.  This particular seller had several of these sinks for sale.  A few where listed at a regular auction with free shipping.  The others were listed as buy it now with a hefty shipping fee.  I calculated the buy it now price with the shipping and new that I didn’t want to bid over that price for the auctioned sinks.  Over the course of the last 2 weeks I watched several auctions and bid my top bid on them.  My top bid was determined by how much I’d pay for the same item on buy it now.  Would you believe these auctions ended with the prices being almost $20 over the buy it now items?  I guess I just can’t understand why those people didn’t research the seller and see they could use buy it now and pay less than what they bid for it.  I think sometimes people get caught up in winning an item.  Last night after not winning another auction because the price went over what I was willing to pay, I purchased the buy it now sink.  The buy it now price is still a great price.

Here are a few Tips For Buying Things On Ebay:

1) Don’t get caught up in winning – Know what your ultimate price is and don’t pay over that.  If it’s a unique item you must add to your collection, determine what you are willing to pay.  Keep in mind there are some buyers who bid, just to increase the ending price.  It’s a good idea to input your maximum bid and let eBay bid for you. That way you don’t over pay.  You can run the risk of losing the item if you bid this way but you won’t break your budget.  When you click on place bid, you’ll have the option to enter your maximum bid. (see below image)

ebay maximum bid

2) Do your research on the item – Is the item selling for $10 at your local store or another store online?  If so, don’t bid over $10 for the auctioned item.  Is it real or a knockoff?

3) Check item details carefully – What are shipping fees?  Is the item used or brand new?  If you can’t find the details you need to make a smart purchase, email the seller for more info. Are there pictures of the item you are buying or are they stock images?   Request a picture of the actual item if you need to be sure. Know what you are buying.  Review the shipping terms, refund and return policy, and other terms and conditions.

4) View the sellers feedback information – Have they previously sold items like the one you want?  If they generally sell scrapbook supplies and then list an expensive piece of artwork, make sure the information from the seller, who may not be an expert is good information.

5) View past auctions – Do an advanced search for what similar products have sold for.  This will give you an idea of cost and if the item is within your budget

6) Check misspelled listings – Some sellers misspell their listings and therefore don’t get great exposure for that item.  You might be able to snag a great deal on an item because no one else can see it in their search feed.

7) Search for local items – You can do a search for pick up only and narrow down items to your local area. Click on Advanced (see below image).  You can norrow down your search to pick up only and find local deals.  You’ll save money on shipping and potentially get a deal!

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Do you have any tips, tricks or things you’ve learned?  Leave a comment and share with us.  Also, if you have any successful and exciting stories, we’d love to hear those!